Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer nest boxes

This is mainly a note-to-self about how to make summer nest boxes, the kind that are open on top. I'm always forgetting the dimensions.

Cut from a 1"x10"...

- a 4" piece for the front
- a 7" piece for the back
- a 17.5" piece for the bottom
- two 17.5" pieces for the sides

The front and back stand on top of the bottom, such that the interior length of the box is 16".

The sides and bottom rest on the same surface, such that the exterior width of the box is 10.75".

If you cut the 17.5's short by the width of your saw blade, you should be able to get three nest boxes out of two 8-foot boards -- one board for five 17.5's and two 4's and the other board for four 17.5's, one 4, and three 7's.

Which nails to use? I'll be back to answer this all-important question.

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