Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trot Diamond, 2005-2012

Trot has gone to herd the chickens in heaven. He was born with fifteen years of love inside him, but used them up in only seven. 

Friend of poultry and people, dogs and bugs, Trot would never hurt a fly (or let anyone else hurt one either). 

He never did make peace with the horses that tried to stomp him, and he always had a woof/growl relationship with his big feline sister Lily. He never gave up searching for her at the end of the bed, and now that they are reunited, I'm sure he's shaking his bed at her. 

Trot was a great little dog, the very picture of "man's best friend," and he was a heck of an elf. He will be missed by all of the creatures who knew him.

Trot is the elf on the left...

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