Monday, December 10, 2012

Reverting iTunes to 10.6.3 -- yes, you can!!

Do you hate iTunes 11 as much as I do? Are you so angry with Apple that you're ready to throw your Mac through a window? Please, open the window first and make sure there is nobody on the ground below.

OR... (better yet, DON'T INSTALL ITUNES 11!! -- I hope somebody reads this before it's too late)

Yes, you can downgrade your iTunes back to version 10.6.3!! You can get the DMG from Apple Support, but in order to install it, you're going to need to install Pacifist, which will completely install the old software over the new software, which is the only way to avoid the dreaded error:

An unknown error occurred (-42408)

Before you install iTunes 10.6.3, make sure you still have your previous iTunes Library .itl file, which you'll find in your Previous iTunes Libraries folder. Also, you might want to export your podcast list to OPML, just to be on the safe side -- probably depends on how long ago that .itl file was saved.

To do the install with Pacifist, follow these instructions. What's not obvious, and I feel the need to point out, is that you need to install all of the contents of the iTunes 10.6.3 DMG, not just the first one, as the instructions might tend to imply.

If reverting your iTunes version is as important to you as it was to me, be sure to register your copy of Pacifist. Who knows, maybe it will get you out of another jam someday. In any case, some guy took the time to make some software that helped you, so you should pay for it. Thanks, Pacifist guy!!


bexpo said...

I listened to you and have stayed at iTunes 10.6.3 - How long can I stay here? I really like this version but it may be holding me back.

Dave Diamond said...

I believe that Apple addressed some of the issues in a later 11.x release, but I'm not sure about that. Now that I think about it, I'm going to check. Looks like I did have a system reconfig in the mean time and it the iTunes on my current Mac is running 11.0.4. So there you go! :-)