Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Mac Finder needs password for every delete

 This was driving my crazy. My Mac's Finder was asking for a password for every delete, every rename, every move, everything.

I should have put two and two together and realized it was only happening in a folder I had restored from a backup volume.

Here's how I fixed it.

  1. In Finder, go to the top folder giving you trouble, then go up one to its parent.
  2. Right-click the trouble folder and select Get Info
  3. Go to the Sharing & Permissions section
  4. Tap the lock and enter your password.
  5. Under Name you should see your username, and under Privilege it should say Read & Write. Click your username.
  6. Below the list of names and privileges is a plus sign and a minus sign and a circle with dots inside next to a menu pull-down. Click the circle/pull-down.
  7. Select Apply to enclosed items... from the menu.
  8. Click OK to update the whole folder hierarchy with your Read & Write privileges.
You should now be able to work on the files in your formerly trouble folder!