Sunday, February 13, 2022

Generating Screenshots for the App Store

I don't usually just post links off to other sites, but here's one that
    a) I don't want to forget and
    b) the world needs to know about.

It's been a while since I published an app to the App Store and either
    a) something has changed or
    b) I've forgotten what a pain it is to have to collect all the screenshots you need to include with your app submission.

And I've heard there is a service you could use, and I'm all for hiring experts to do difficult things, but why should that be necessary? Is this really that hard? No, it's really not. 

But I should let you find out from Daniel Jilg. I took the script he posted and needed to make a few changes to suit my environment. 

And it works great! It generated all the screenshots I need for the App Store! Thanks, Daniel!