Friday, March 01, 2024

MARCHintosh Day #1: How Much Memory?

I should have done a better job keeping track of the memory that came installed in the Power Macs I recently bought.

Mac #1 is a 7100/66, it has four SIMM slots.

Mac #2 is a 6214CD with two SIMM slots.

I also bought 4 32MB SIMMs I figured I would split between the two new Macs.

So Mac #1 now has 64 MB plus two 8 MB that were leftovers, for a total of 80 MB. There must have been two SIMMs that were leftover, size unknown.

And Mac #2 now has 64 MB total. The sizes of its two leftovers are also unknown.

Let's see if we can figure out the size of those four SIMMs.

Or six. You see, there were a bunch of SIMMs in a shoe box, also of unknown size. I'd swear there were three, so maybe the 7100 only had one leftover? Who knows.

Here's the log of my analysis:

SIMM #How many?Total inc one 32 MB simmSize of this SIMM
1240,960 KB8 MB
2240,960 KB8 MB
3149,152 KB16 MB
4149,152 KB16 MB

So the result is that I should have measured all of the memory before I re-cabled the 7100, which is a huge pain in the butt. But replacing 16 MB with 32 MB will give me a total of 96 MB in that system, which will be well worth the effort.

And I'd say MARCHintosh Day #1 was a success!