Thursday, April 23, 2009

what's with the fancy lunches?

welcome to my new food blog where you can read all about my lunch. ok, maybe I don't officially get to call myself a food blogger, but I am willing to share the secret of how I get to have such fancy lunches.

come closer so I can use my culinary secrets voice. ok, good.

well first of all, today's lunch is chickpeas and spinach with red curry over rice.

"but Dave, how can I prepare something so fancy?" I will pretend you are asking me.

yes, if you took some red curry paste and just stirred it around in the spinach, that would be gross. no, that's not what we're talking about. the secret is the coconut milk.

"but Dave, how do I..."


I would take a picture, but I'm too... well, "lazy" is the only word that comes to mind. so we'll all have to rely on our mind's-eye-camera, ok?

imagine one of those plastic shoe boxes -- yes, that's the kind I'm talking about -- and into it you put a bunch of those three-ounce Dixie bathroom cups.

ok ok ok, here's a picture.

now open up a can of coconut milk and fill up the little bitty cups with just enough for your own personal-sized serving and then... ::drumroll:: put the shoebox in the freezer!

I've got these little frozen coco-cups in the freezer in the kitchen at work and whenever I want some curry I defrost it in the microwave, mix in the curry paste, and voilĂ !

ok, so now you know all my secrets... well not all of them, I've got this great noodle recipe I posted on my old blog once upon a time. yes, some day...

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Emily said...

That is a fabulous idea!