Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm installing Linux

Hey, guess where I'm writing from? I'm installing Linux right now!

This post isn't about the fact that I'm on this crazy lovefest with Linux, which certainly isn't news.

No, I'm running the browser and writing this post WHILE I'M INSTALLING!!

This happens to be the umpteenth time I've tried to install on this one hard drive -- it's a long story, every chapter of which ends with "Error: out of disk" and some kind of Grub recovery prompt that doesn't do anything... so I ended up repartitioning, putting 40GB in for Windows to see if NTLDR will save me. We'll see. And if it does, it will be thanks to an article on

Anyway, I was -- still am -- in the middle of the latest install and Ubuntu has this little slide show going on showing you all the cool things about 10.10 -- and believe me, Ubuntu has lots of coolness, which is why I'm working so hard getting it onto my biggest spare laptop drive...

Anyway, among the slideshow blurbs was a link to Ubuntu's support page... and it was clickable... so I clicked it... and the browser came up... and the install is still going on... totally amazing!! I wonder how you'd be able to bring up the browser, or anything else on the Live CD, and with any luck I won't have any more opportunities this morning to find out!! ::fingers crossed::

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