Wednesday, March 02, 2011

No more crashes!

My Droid 2 was crashing waaaay too much. Or should I have said wayyyy? It's hard to know. I never let it bother me too much until one day when my phone felt physically hot in my pocket and after setting it on my desk, I heard the tell-tale buzz of rebooting. Enough. I wish I could remember which site I was reading that led me to an idea of a culprit, because they deserve credit for what I'm about to tell you. Which is that Advanced Task Killer is no longer on my phone, and ::knock on wood:: it has been nearly crash-free (once) ever since. Come to think of it, the article I read might not have named the software, but just blamed task killers in general. Maybe the fault lies elsewhere and ATK is being blamed unfairly, but the result of removing one app does tend to speak pretty loudly for itself.

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