Thursday, January 03, 2013

Samsung 923NW Screws

Got a Samsung 923NW? Did you take the stand off and lose the screws? And now you want them back?

Well first of all, you don't really need them, I don't think -- the monitor looks like it will just sit on the stand and not really care that the two pieces aren't fastened. But if you do care, which I only did because I didn't realize they were so cleverly designed, the screws you want are "M4-.7 x 16MM". I got three of them, zinc plated, for under a buck at the big orange store. I won't discuss how long I spent trying on different screws to determine it was M4 that I needed and then how long I spent trying to find the metric ones. And then it was just blind luck that led me to the 16MM, which fit just right.

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