Saturday, July 20, 2019

The DX-M04 Shelving System

My dad bought a DX-M04 shelfy thing and I was tasked with its assembly.

I don't think a nicer set of shelves can be had at any price. And do you see the little screwdriver pictured in the instructions? YES, the DX-M04 really does come with a screwdriver!! And the bottom panel (part #3) has feet. Yes, they really did think of everything.

If I could make one suggestion:

At step three, you might want to leave the bottom a little loose, so when, in step four, you insert the back, you can wiggle it into the groove in the bottom. Then after you've installed the top in step five, you can go back and tighten the bottom.

If you need some shelves, you can't go wrong with the DX-M04. No, no idea where you'd buy them, but for the right price, I can put my hands on a really well assembled set.

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