Monday, February 15, 2021

Creating a CloudKit Container

I was working through a CloudKit tutorial and needed to create a container for my app.

I tried clicking the + button to create a CloudKit container from XCode 12 directly, but nothing happened.

So I clicked the CloudKit Dashboard and could see there were no containers.

I tried to create one. I entered (reverse URL format) and gave it a name. Then I got an error message in red, "Unable to find a developer."

OK, well I'm logged in as the Account Holder, not as a Developer per sé, but this should work. Kept trying. Nothing.

So I tried something a little crazy: I went to the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of App Store Connect. I created an identifier for the container I was trying to create.

After I did that, I went back to XCode and clicked the plus (+) again. Lo and behold, the container I had specified in the identifier I had created, all of a sudden showed up.

Will this work? Time will tell. But if you're getting the same error trying to create a CloudKit container, maybe this will help.

If so, you can buy me a beer!

😀 🍺

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