Monday, March 07, 2011

Working with TOPS-10 .TAP files in SIMH

Step 1: mount request
.assign mta0: tape:
.mount tape:/reelid:??????/nowait
Step 2: mount the "tape"
(go to SIMH and hit ctrl/E to interrupt the simulator)
sim> set tu0 lock
sim> attach tu0 /path/??????.tap
sim> go

.r opr

OPR>shoW queUES 
21:04:05                -- System Queues Listing --

Mount Queue:
Volume    Status     Type     Write    Req#   Job#          User
-------  --------  --------  -------  ------  ----  -------------------
T10FOR   Waiting   Magtape   Locked        4     2  OPR    [1,2]
   Volume-set: TAPE
   Label-Type: No, Tracks: 9, Density: 1600 BPI
There is 1 request in the queue

OPR>ideNTIFY (device) mta0: (with) reQUEST-ID 4
21:04:29        Device MTA0  -- Volume T10FOR reassigned --
                User: OPR    [1,2] Job #2

Step 3: restore the files
.r backup

/tape tape:
/restore dsk:=[*,*]*.*
With a tip of the hat to for help with the first two steps.

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